Stir Crazy Cold Brew Starter Package 64 1 OZ Servings

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The taste you love in our Stir Crazy ground coffee is now available in a highly condensed liquid. This liquid is concentrated at 7 to 1 ratio. You can delute and refrigerate or use full strength as recipe below.

Recipe suggestion: In a 16 ounce glass filled with ice add 2 tablespoons (1 ounce) of stir crazy cold brew. Fill to the top of the ice with milk, oat milk, almond milk, water, or a combination you like. Sweeten with flavored syrup, sugar or low calorie sweetener. It is  also delicious blended.

This is not a sweetened liquid, but rather a flavored variety. Caramel, vanilla, and coffee liqueur flavored.

The starter kit comes with a beautiful countertop wooden box and a bag-in-box bag pouch and a tap (like those fancy wines-in fact, the box can be used for your wines too!). Simply insert the bag into the wooden box and then fit the bib through the hole, and then tap with the included tap. Cold brew refill bags sold separately.

64--1 ounce servings. Less than $2 per serving! 
1 year shelf-stable. Once tapped it is 6 months shelf-stable. Do not refrigerate.